Top Hair Trends for Men and Women – 2015
24.11.2014 16:22

Are you bored with routine hairstyles? Need to change your look with wondering hairstyles for this 2015 New Year? Check for latest ideas of top hair trends 2015 for men and women to get you started for a brand new look. These top hairstyles are an easy way to dress your hair for both casual and special seasons. 

Men’s Hair Trends 

Generally Men’s hair trends will be a slower transition and no need to change like clothing trends. 


To make a key look for this new year, let do experiment on new hairstyle “Texture”. Create a rebellious streak look. First you need to freshly wash your hair and make it ideal for well-balanced, moisturised and conditioned hair. With this new hairstyle, your hair will feel refreshed and manageable. 

City Slicker 

City Slickers gives a more suave professional look with a well-groomed hair style. You need to ensure having a good hair cut, shorter sides and backs having a grade 4 x 2 inorder to have a softer finish. 

Top Knot 

Those having long hair, can tie your hair back with Top Knot hairstyle. Just brush the hair back for a good conditional look and make a top knot or ponytail. 

Women’s Hair Trends 

Women’s can try different hairstyles related to seasons and have a comfortable and fresh look with latest hair trends. 

Side Swept Blowouts 

Combining the earlier Bouncy-wavy and stick-straight blowouts, the side swept blowout is well suits for the fashion girls. It gives a polished look having sleek from the crown to the middle. This soft bends and small waves add an effortless appeal to the look. 

Rumpled Braid 

It is a type of fashion braid for the new year 2015. It needs simple tools like comb and curler. Curl the top layer of your hair and create waves along the way. Tease the crown before ending a classic braid. 

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