Simple Steps to Reinstall Windows 7 Very Quickly
29.10.2014 11:49

Sometime your Windows 7 operating system needs to be reinstalled to restore or enhance its functionality. There are many issues which might prompt you to go for reinstallation including malware, registry and memory issues. If you are searching for ways to reinstall your Windows, then look here for steps to re-install Windows 7.

Keep Windows 7 Disk and Serial Key Ready:

For this, first you need to have the genuine product key kept ready with you and also you need to know which versions of Windows 7 your product key is best suited for. Having a original serial key allows you to install legitimate copy of Windows 7 and allows you to get latest updates without any restrictions.

Get Back Up Data Ready:

First you need to backup all your important documents and files. For this you need to click "Start" button and select "Control Panel" and choose "Backup and Restore" option. Back up all important documents first for safe purpose if anything goes wrong.

Download a Copy of Windows 7:

If you don't have the original Windows 7 disc ready with you, then you can get the original ISO file Download the correct Windows 7 ISO file onto your computer. As you cannot directly copy an ISO file, you can use a tool such as Microsoft’s own USB/DVD tool to do this task for you. Use the tool to burn the downloaded file to a DVD or a USB flash drive. Carefully extract the ISO file to a USB flash drive.

Choose Installation Method:

Insert the installation disc or USB drive in your PC or Laptop and then restart your system. Choose either USB drive or DVD while your PC is booting. There will be two options: Upgrade and Custom. In Upgrade mode, Windows skips your installed programs and files intact.

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